• Liebster Award Nomination!

    So it has come to this: I am honored and happy to have been recognized and discovered and nominated by Shanley from https://anishanaabe.com/ . She is a hoop dancer & fancy shawl dancer, mentor, speaker, travel and lifestyle blogger & community advocate with an indigenous background. Check out her inspirational blog , instagram or facebook page. Thank you… [Continue Reading]

    Liebster Award Nomination!
  • Heart In A Glass Cage

    Give me skin and bones, Hand them in, Because I don’t need anything other than your soul. Let me understand, Let me feel your pain, How it pulls on your veins To hold on to. I want to see what nurtures it, What makes it stronger, So dominant it crushes and strangles your spirit. Show… [Continue Reading]

    Heart In A Glass Cage
  • Why I Changed from Teabags to Loose Leaf Tea

      Once upon a time… …people started drinking tea. (I skipped the part with the hard work of planting and reaping, I know.) tea-leaves were put in hot water and people started making this infused water an enjoyable beverage! And it’s super healthy! Great detox and more! Today, we still drink tea. Industrialism has helped… [Continue Reading]

    Why I Changed from Teabags to Loose Leaf Tea
  • Thought Of The Day #1

      I had this sudden thought that made me think.  My parents taught me to always say “please” and “thank you”. It’s something that just grew to be part of my life. As I thought about “Thank You” I realized I do say that quite often. Not trying to make myself sound like the good… [Continue Reading]

    Thought Of The Day #1